Why Angels of Death is an Amazing Underrated anime – Short Review

Angels of Death is an underrated anime, but it has got to be one of the best underrated animes ive ever watched, it contains 16 episodes that are amazing. I would reccomend this anime if you like gore, Supense, drama, action and mystery.

The story is focused around a girl name Rachel Gardner, who wishes to die. She awakens to find herself trapped in the basement of an abandoned building. She has no memories of her past whatsoever. She meets a serial killer named Zack(More formally known as Isaac Foster) who is covered in bandages. Rachel asks Zack to kill her, but he refuses because he likes his victims to have a good expression on their faces before death, he think that Rachels eyes are lifeless. They make a deal, if Rachel helps Zack get out of the building, he will kill her.

Even though the main character is Rachel, I would say that the anime focuses on both of them equally. Each floor in this building is controlled by a master of death, they each have their specific way of killing people.

In the first floor, Rachel meets a man named Danny who, aparantly, knows Rachel and wants to ‘help her’ they make their way across the floor and He suddenly starts commenting about her beautiful eyes, he then grabs her takes a knife and wants to take her eyes out of her because he wants them as he is blind in one eye.

Zack comes in, slashes Danny with his cythe and then moves on to ‘kill’ Rachel, this is how they met. Rachel wanted to die, and zack found her expression boring, so he chose not to kill her till she mad a good expression. They made the deal and moved on to the next floor.

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He looks so Cool with his eye!

They have to make theyre way to the top of the building, facing creepy pyscho murderers and uncovering their pasts.

I think many people will love this anime and Fun Fact: Zack and Bakugo share the same voice actor! He is my favorite voice actor because of the way he conveys the characters emotion

Thanks for reading!

Rachel Gardner - Satsuriku no Tenshi | Gifler
Rachel Gardner

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