Noragami Review (Season 1)

Noragami is a really interesting anime with a story line unlike any other ive ever watched. I really enjoyed watching season 1 of the anime but I havent watched season 2 (yet).

pyunsukee | Noragami, Anime, Yato

The story is about A God named Yato. Not many people know and believe in him and his wish is to become a famous god with his own shrine and many followers. Yato does odd jobs here and there to raise money to build a shrine. A boy calls him to find his Cat, Milord.

This is when he meets Hiyori. Yato cant be seen by people unless they notice him. He is like a background character in peoples daily lives. But Hiyori was one of those people who noticed him, but at the wrong time… Yato was walking infront of a bus which he knew wouldnt hit him cause, you know, hes a god.

Hiyori jumps in the way to push him but ends up getting herself hit and gets disconntected from her body. She can now see dead spirits and disconnect from her body where and whenever she wants.

Noragami Ep 1- Yato and Hiyori (with Prince-sama) by pleasedonttouchme on  DeviantArt
The first time they met

Yato also has a regalia which is a dead spirit which is used as a weapon, His is named Yukine. A regalia and its owner make a pact, but if a regalia misses its old human life or is jealous of another human, their own feels a sting. But if the owner feels to many stings, they become sick and are on the breach of dying. Well, I’m not going to spoil what happened but that was a short arc during season 1.

Hiyori, Yato and Yukine are the three Main Characters of this anime, they are an amazing trio. Fun Fact: Yato has the same VA as Levi from AOT and Yukine has the same VA as Eren from AOT too.

One reason I loved this anime is because it showed Hiyori’s daily life along with the epic battle scenes and character development as well. It was funny yet serious at the same time. I definitely recommend this for people who like supernatural animes.

Animated gif about gif in Noragami by B-alice
Thanks for Reading!

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