Kira, Our Newest Author!

Hi! I’m @k2122, but you guys can call me Kira. I’m a friend of @sushiiiwithsoysauce and I’ll also be your new co-writer. Here’s a little about me:

I really like watching anime and gaming. I’m also a pretty big K-pop and J-pop stan. I really enjoy the outdoor and my favorite season is winter. I like reading a lot too. Although I don’t get to read much, my favorite books/series would be Percy Jackson.

As said by @sushiiiwithsoysauce, I’m a “bruh” girl and very energetic and funny and also quite talkative (in a good way).

Anyways, that’s it for today! I will be posting once a week.

Thank you!


Hey Guys its me @sushiiiwithsoysauce here, I have 2 new Authors on my blog, I’ve opened it to a couple people so they can write on my blog, if you want to write on it, Then you could either send it in the contact page, or email me and I could make you a contributor. I’ve been planning these guest posts for a while, but I’ve finally taken action! I hope yall like it,

You will hear from K once a week, but I do have a one time guest post from a follower that will hopefully be posted soon.

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