Akame Ga Kill!- Aka Everyone Ga Kill… (Review)


Akame ga kill!, an anime about a boy called Tatsumi and his friends who try to go to the Capital to save there village from poverty. This show takes many turns, and not all in a good way.

Tatsumi and his friends get separated during their journey to the capital, Long story short, He happened to stop by a family who acts nice but kills people, Then he finds out they killed his friends and he happens to join Night Raid, The most wanted group in the country due to their murders(that are for a good reason though.)

Akame ga kill GIF - Find on GIFER

This show left me crying a lot, since basically EVERYONE died except for 2 protagonists, (Akame and Najenda) and 1 antagonist (well not really antagonist but yea), Wave.

However, the show still was amazing, the art, the animation, the chacters, and a lot more. I just wished that they followed the manga since half the people dead in the anime didn’t die in the manga.

akame ga kill! gifs | WiffleGif
Those scissors are an example of an imperial arm

In my opinion, my favorite characters would be Esdeath (she’s amazing fight me >:C yes you @sushiiiwithsoysauce) Akame, and Run. I like Esdeath because of her skill, and she has a really cool imperial arm. Same thing for Akame. Run is also cool because I like how he is very mature, and he seems like a wise person to me.

If you don’t already know, An Imperial Arm is a mysterious and powerful relic that only the strongest of warriors are able to wield, They come in all shapes and forms such as a tool or most commonly, a weapon.

Akame vs Esdeath

One of my favorite battles was the one between Esdeath and Akame, it was disappointing to me that Esdeath died, but the battle was sick. We got to see their Trump cards that we usually don’t see in normal battles.

Akame’s trump card was a performance enhancer, called Little War Horn, which enhances the user’s power using the power of the Murasame’s poisonous curse.

Even though Esdeath actually has multiple trump cards, the one she used in this battle was Mahapdama, which gives her the ability to freeze time. However, she is only able to use it once a day because it takes up a lot of her power.

akame ga kill leone akame ga kill gif | WiffleGif

But in the end of the day, Akame won, using her bloodlust as a distraction from her real position, which in my opinion was a pretty smart idea.

Anyways, that’s it for this week. I’ll post again next week. Bye!


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  1. I will fight you @k2122, How can you like Esdeath?! She killed so many night raid members and also she has ‘Death’ in her name, Idk how many times I’ve told you haha, she is the worst honestly. But, I’ve tried so many times to change your opinion, but it never worked… Im not giving up though!

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