The Promised Neverland S2 Episode 4

I have very mixed feelings about this weeks episode. Mainly because of the fact that they are going Original. If you dont know what I mean by original, They are basically straying from the manga and creating a whole new story. I'm kind of upset because the Manga was honestly great. Worst part of my... Continue Reading →

Sirius The Jaeger – Review

Not Jaeger as in freedom Loving Eren Jaeger, but A different and more interesting type of Jaegers. Hi Readers, Its been a very hectic week for (I went camping with some of my friends including @happyanimecamper and @k2122, and then one of my brothers got food poisoning and a lot more other things happened) You... Continue Reading →

The amount of effort Pinterest takes vs How much I thought it did

Todays topic is surprisingly not about anime. Its about Pinterest as you can see by the title. So before I started uploading pins to Pinterest, I thought that it would take me over hours to upload 50-100 pins. That's because when I tried uploading pins for the first time (around 2 years ago) I remember... Continue Reading →

Pokkรฉn Tournament DX – Anime related games

Pokken Tournament DX is a fighting game where you can choose Pokรฉmons from the Pokรฉmon franchise to battle each other. It was released for Japanese arcades in July 2015, and worldwide for the Wii U in March 2016. The game was launched on Nintendo Switch in September 2017. Here are a few tips i picked... Continue Reading →

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