I started Horimiya and now I want more piercings…

So I started watching Horimiya today. Its really good! The main character has 4 piercings on each ear and one on his lip, It makes me want more piercings too (but not on my lip, just on my ear) I already have 2 on each ear and I want more now. Anime in general does... Continue Reading →

SK8: The Infinity – Episode 2

Episode 2! Welcome back to my weekly episode review on SK8: The Infinity. This weeks episode was based around Langa trying to learn how to do an Ollie. According to Reki, it takes around 3 Months to learn how to do an Ollie.. Lets see how long it takes Langa to learn to do one.... Continue Reading →

How Much Anime can I watch, Or Do I watch to much? Dissection of My Free time Pt.1

Watching anime is obviously one of my favorite pastimes, and today it occured to me, do I watch to much anime, and if I do... Whats my limit? Ok, so yes there is such a thing as watching too much anime, For example if you watch everyday, all day. Ive never met someones who does... Continue Reading →

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