I started Horimiya and now I want more piercings…

So I started watching Horimiya today. Its really good! The main character has 4 piercings on each ear and one on his lip, It makes me want more piercings too (but not on my lip, just on my ear) I already have 2 on each ear and I want more now. Anime in general does... Continue Reading →

My Digital Artwork- Dissection of my free time Pt.2

Welcome to dissection of my free time part 2. This is basically me showing off my boring hobbies.... Enjoy. I've only mentioned this once or twice, But I make digital art. Mostly anime based artwork but sometimes other stuff too. I dont create them from the top of my head, I usually find something on... Continue Reading →

How Much Anime can I watch, Or Do I watch to much? Dissection of My Free time Pt.1

Watching anime is obviously one of my favorite pastimes, and today it occured to me, do I watch to much anime, and if I do... Whats my limit? Ok, so yes there is such a thing as watching too much anime, For example if you watch everyday, all day. Ive never met someones who does... Continue Reading →

I need to rant- (About Anime Watching Platforms) + Some other random stuff about my life that have nothing to do with anime…

Dang that title was long. Anyways.... So, I'm back! I had a really fun break, I went out with my friends and spent time just relaxing. I'm really finding it hard to come up with new motivation for ideas of stuff to write about, Its December tommorow, 2020 flew past, well i guess cause i... Continue Reading →

Lets Talk about A Member of the ‘Did Nothing Wrong’ Squad…

The did nothing wrong squad, one of my favorite topics, Incase you don't know who is part of the 'Did Nothing Wrong' Squad so far, I shall list them out for you: Mikaela Hyakuya (Seraph of the End)Ganta Igarashi (Deadman Wonderland)Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)Ikoma (Kabeneri Of the Iron Fortress)Eren Jaeger(Attack On Titan) I haven't explain... Continue Reading →

Why I don’t write Episodic Reviews like other bloggers: (and some announcements..)

I have seen that every blogger I follow does Episodic reviews, and Im just so amazed at their hard work and dedication to their blogs. I have my own reasons for not doing Episodic Reviews which I will hopefully clear out any thoughts or questions you migth have had about why I dont do them.... Continue Reading →

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