Top 6 Favorite Anime Trios!

OK, so I didnt know if i wanted to write about duo's or Trio's. I feel like there an equal amount of both, so I just went with Trio's. Anime Trio's are very iconic, the MC goes through something and along his journey he picks up 2 friends and/or a pet too. Well lets get... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Animes I watched in 2020- Some are really Old…

Well welcome to my last post on 2020! Before I start, thankyou to all 69 people who followed my blog and read my writing. I know that my writing kind of sucks, but no matter that, thankyou for reading it. Fun random Fact: I wrote this post in october because I was bored and I... Continue Reading →

Viral and Trending Animes I (Surprisingly) Haven’t watched… Yet.

There are millions of Animes and Mangas out there, and I dont think im capable of watchin every single one of them. I have watched alot of anime but today im going to tell you about very famous, Viral animes everybody is talking about but I cant join in on their discussions cause I havent... Continue Reading →

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