Mo Dao Zu Shi Review (Donghua)

Lets start this year of with with a review~ If you dont know what a Donghua is, It is basically an anime but it reffers to Chinese animation. Mo Dao Zu Shi was the first and only Donghua ive watched and it was really good. I had to watch it twice do to the fact... Continue Reading →

Howls Moving Castle Review

Ok, I told you all I have an addiction to watching studio Ghibli Movies, Its so aesthetic! I've also told ya'll in one of lists that I despise romance animes, but Howls Moving castle is pretty good, It had romance but not that much that made it icky and all lovey dovy. I would say... Continue Reading →

Why I don’t write Episodic Reviews like other bloggers: (and some announcements..)

I have seen that every blogger I follow does Episodic reviews, and Im just so amazed at their hard work and dedication to their blogs. I have my own reasons for not doing Episodic Reviews which I will hopefully clear out any thoughts or questions you migth have had about why I dont do them.... Continue Reading →

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