Top 4 Animes that I’m looking forward to in 2021

We are on the brink of a new year! Only a couple days left till 2021. Im excited and nervous at the same time, who knows what the new year will hold in store for us... 2020 has been a long roller coaster that went mostly downhill, but thanks to 2020 I got into anime.... Continue Reading →

The Rising of the Shield Hero Review

This is the first ever Isekai anime ive ever watched, and I was not let down. Ive been pushing this off to the side for a long time but I finally watched it and it was amazing. It is about an easy going Otaku named Naofumi, he is an average university student, one day he... Continue Reading →

Red Spider Lilies, and their Significance in Anime

I have two favorite flowers, Red spider lilies and also Wisteria. They are both amazing and extremely beautiful, I'm going to tell you about Red spider lilies and their significance and importance in anime. I've seen these lilies in a lot of animes like Tokyo Ghoul, The Promised Neverland, Inuyasha and also Demon Slayer. To... Continue Reading →

Why Angels of Death is an Amazing Underrated anime – Short Review

Angels of Death is an underrated anime, but it has got to be one of the best underrated animes ive ever watched, it contains 16 episodes that are amazing. I would reccomend this anime if you like gore, Supense, drama, action and mystery. The story is focused around a girl name Rachel Gardner, who wishes... Continue Reading →

‘Dororo’ Review and Summary

Dororo is short, completed 24 episode long anime, This new anime adaption was long awaited in 2019. The original Manga was written in 1969. The story follows the adventure of 2 main characters, Hyakkimaru, A teenager whos body is completely made of prosthetics and Dororo, An young orphan child. Even though the anime is named... Continue Reading →

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